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Please read to find out why Colostrum and Placenta extract is so good for skin!

Super Moisturizing Face & under Eye Serum with Colostrum, Placenta Extract, Collagen peptides, Astragalus root extract, Giant seakelp extract, and much more.

Fragrance Free, Paraben Free, Alcohol Free 

This is a light, water based serum, which is especially formulated to sink in the skin right upon application; disappears within seconds, leaving skin feeling smooth and moist. The combination of carefully selected ingredients, which are used in optimum concentrations, synergistically help to regenerate, revitalize, and protect skin cells. Astragalus root extract used in this serum also has the potential to protect skin cell's DNA by helping to repair the ends of chromosomes also known as telomeres.

Money Back Guarantee*

​​In addition to being rejuvenating, this serum is also very moisturizing and skin feels and appears soft, smooth, and well rested when adequately hydrated. Please note that this serum is oil free and is suitable for very oily skin types as well. Please follow with your favorite face and eye cream or precede with my Face and under Eye Oil Serum in case additional emolliency is needed by your skin.

​​Fresh batches are made frequently (to ensure that each bottle retains its potency) unlike the big brand names' creams and serums that remain on shelves for months if not years. Also,  this serum has been created via a cold process in order to preserve the effectiveness of some very delicate ingredients.

Key Ingredients in Colostrum & Placenta Serum

Placenta Extract: is rich in amino acids, minerals, vitamins, growth factors, and hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. Its topical application has tremendous anti aging potential for skin. It provides skin with immense nutrition, moisturizes and conditions it, and provides anti aging benefits. Placenta face cream has a long history of use in Japan and Korea for its skin brightening and anti aging effects. Placenta extract used in this serum is a very high grade extract imported from Japan and is of porcine origin, which is known to be closer in composition to human placenta than sheep placenta is. Placenta extract contains a wealth of nutrients, which support collagen synthesis to revitalize and rejuvenate skin tissue and enhance its moisture retention capabilities. Placenta creams have been around for a while but thanks to the latest technologies in the extraction processes now they are much more effective.  Couple of Studies regarding the anti aging and skin benefits of placenta extract and thus placenta creams and serums:

Goat Milk Colostrum: is closer in composition to human colostrum than bovine's is. It is rich in macro and micro constituents such as proteins, minerals, vitamins, cytokines, repair & growth factors, immune boosting Immunoglobulins & Lactoferrin , and antibodies. When applied topically, colostrum hydrates the skin, provides it with much needed emoliency as well as excellent nutrition. Growth factors in colostrum help to stimulate fibroblast growth, which results in not only faster wound healing but also in skin that is smooth, supple, and maintains its elasticity. Colostrum's immunoglobulins and antibodies help to improve skin's defenses, strengthen it, and make it function more like young skin does. Goat milk colostrum face cream /serum also helps to clear and brighten complexion. In short, colostrum is a wonder anti aging ingredient, a must have in a any good night time face and eye cream or serum. A study regarding the skin benefits of colostrum and thus colostrum creams and serums: Mare's colostrum globules stimulate fibroblast growth in vitro: a biochemical study:

Astragalus Root Extract: contains many beneficial chemicals including polysaccharides, flavonoids, amino acids, saponins, and other trace elements. One of the active chemicals in Astragalus root is Astragaloside IV , which has antiviral and anticancer properties; Astragalus root extract used in this serum is standardized and contains at least 10% astragaloside IV.  Astragalus is an antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory, and an adaptogen; it protects cells from free radicals as well as internal and external stresses and provides skin protection from UVB-induced skin inflammation and photo aging. A chemical, TA-65, extracted from astragalus root is now being touted as an anti aging miracle. It increases the production of an enzyme, telomerase, which repairs the damaged and fragmented ends of the chromosomes that are also known as telomeres. Many researchers believe that it is the deterioration of telomeres which shortens lifespan of cells and thus contribute to the aging process. Unfortunately there are very few eye and face creams or serums which contains this amazing herbal extract. Couple of studies regarding the anti aging benefits of astragalus root:

  • Inhibitory effect of Astragalus membranaceus root on matrix metalloproteinase-1 collagenase expression and procollagen destruction in ultraviolet B-irradiated human dermal fibroblasts by suppressing nuclear factor kappa-B activity:
  • A natural product telomerase activator as part of a health maintenance program:

Dermal Respiratory Factor: is derived from live yeast cells by subjecting it to various processes including striking it with specific wavelengths of UV radiation, fermentation, and filtration. Result is a mixture of synergistically active com­pounds rich in amino acids, coenzymes, cofactors, minerals, and vitamins with anti inflammatory properties. Demal Respiratory Factor is known to increase cell metabolism, cell respiration, and cell proliferation leading to increase in collagen and elastin synthesis. There is also anecdotal evidence that it helps with eye puffiness. Must have ingredient in any under eye and face cream or serum!

Giant Sea Kelp Extract: Macrocystis pyrifera, also known as Giant Sea Kelp is a species of kelp, which is rich in iodine, minerals, and natural anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidants aspects. Giant sea kelp extract can easily penetrate the skin for instant hydration and helps to moisturize, soften, soothe, and detoxify skin. It also has emollient properties and aids in keeping skin smooth. Crème de la Mer , which is one of the most famous face creams, contain sea kelp extract as one of its primary ingredients.

Lemon Peel Bioferment: is a potent antioxidant and skin brightener. It has anti-tyrosinase activity as high as hydroquinone , which makes lemon peel extract a natural and effective alternative to hyroquinone without any of its side effects. Long term topical use of this extract in opitmum concentration would result in even skin tone and reduction in the appearance of age spots. The lemon peel bioferment used in this face and under eye serum contains, among many other chemicals, Hesperidin and Naringin and has been subjected to isolation methods to remove potential allergens such as geraniol and citral. A study: The antioxidant activity of citrus fruit peels. :

Oat Beta Glucans: exhibit anti inflammatory properties and provides, hydration, conditioning, and anti aging benefits to the skin. Research has proven that oat beta glucans stimulate collagen production, leading to increase in skin thickness that in turn results in firmer, smoother skin and decrease in fine lines and wrinkles.

Black Currant Fruit Extract: is rich in anthocyanins, which imparts this face and under eye serum with a beautiful purple tint. This extract inhibits the enzymes that break down elastin (elastase), collagen (collagenase), and hyaluronic acid (hyaluronidase) resulting in more collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid leading to firm , elastic , and plump skin. Black currant extract also exhibits strong free radical scavenging  properties. I dont know of any other face and under eye cream/serum which contains this very effective botanical extract.

Southernwood Extract: consists of oligosaccharides, which may stimulate adipogenesis in vivo thus triggering swelling of adipocytes, resulting in skin that appears plump. In vivo testing reveals that this extract may increase adipose tissue density, improve epidermal elasticity, and increase skin firmness & tone. It may also help to decrease the appearance of Crow’s feet, and fine lines & wrinkles on the cheeks.

Licorice Root Extract: has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity and, for this reason, has been used in Europe since prehistoric times. This extract has skin brightening and soothing action upon topical application. Licorice root extract helps to fade hyper-pigmentation and sun damage safely for all skin tones, while also blocking overall melanin production, resulting in radiant even toned complexion. A study: Glabrene and isoliquiritigenin as tyrosinase inhibitors from licorice roots:

Vegetable Glycerin: is derived from glycerides of natural vegetable lipids, which are like the glycerides in our own lipids and thus may prevent lipid damage. It is a humectant and assists the skin to retain moisture and thus hydrates, soothes, and softens it. 

Silk Amino Acids: come from the cocoon of the silk worm and are a rich source of 18 amino acids ,   alanine, glycine and serine among them, and are sighted as the protein stimulant in our skin. Silk amino acids, having a small particle size, readily get absorbed deeply in the skin, where their moisture binding ability exerts powerful hydration effects. On the surface, silk amino acids provide skin with silky smoothness. 

Calcium Pantothenate: is one of the B vitamins (B5) and is required in the synthesis of fatty acids and sphingolipids. Its topical application moisturizes skin and may also help with skin healing, alleviate allergic reactions, and help to prevent acne. Calcium Pantothenate is the star ingredient in the very well known Skinceuticals hydrating b5 gel. All face and eye serums and creams should contain this very effective vitamin! 

Sodium PCA: is able to hold large quantities of water, and is one of the components of the  "natural moisturizing factor" that our skin produces to slow down water loss to the environment.

Coconut Milk: is obtained from the pulp of the coconut and contains fatty acids, which provide intense hydration and leaves dry skin smooth, soft and hydrated.

Collagen Peptides: used in this serum are of low molecular weight and are easily absorbed by the skin. These peptides not only moisturize the skin but are also believed to act as signal for skin to synthesize more collagen, leading to thicker, firmer skin. Collagen peptides used in this serum are of bovine origin.

Propanediol: is EcoCert and NPA approved, vegetable derived, Ultra pure and natural moisturizer, emollient, and solvent that is sustainable, and renewable. It offers water binding activity to moisturize the skin and slow water loss while it imparts a silky feel to the skin.

Fulvic Acid: contains all the original healing, life-giving, and protective qualities from all species that have ever lived on earth. In this face and under eye serum, Fulvic acid helps skin cells to absorb nutrients and get rid of heavy metals.

Chlorella Extract: is obtained from a form of green algae and is not only rich in vitamins, amino acids, and chlorophyll but also in a growth factor unique to Chlorella known as Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). CGF is known to provide powerful support for immune health and tissue renewal. Chorella extract protects the degradation of skin's collagen and elastin content and also stimulates collagen production. It acts as a strong heavy metal chelator and in doing so helps to detoxify the skin. Using chlorella extract topically may lead to thicker, firmer skin with improved complexion. Very few creams and serums contain this effective ingredient.

Syn®-Tacks: I am not a big fan of synthetic peptides but, in my experience, this one really delivers results. It is a combination of two peptides, which interact with the most relevant protein structures of the dermal-epidermal junction. DEJ provides functional and structural integrity to our skin, but this starts to decline around the age of 30. This decline is even accelerated by external and environmental influences such as UV light, resulting in decreasing skin elasticity , compactness, and a lack of skin firmness. Syn®-Tacks significantly stimulates Collagen type IV, VII and XVII, Laminin V, and Intergrin at once. By increasing the activity of these proteins the whole structure of the DEJ is improved, which leads to a significantly visible cosmetic benefit.

Directions: Use 7 to 10 drops on entire face, neck, and decollete. Follow with your favorite cream or precede with our Face and under Eye Oil Serum if you need additional emolliency.

WARNING: Consult your healthcare provider before use if you are pregnant or nursing or have an existing medical condition. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.

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