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     Creamy Hand Balm Reviews   

  • " I rarely review any products but I just had to review this balm. I have tried many luxury hand creams over the years but this one has out performed all. My hands are not cracked anymore and feel super moisturized and yet not greasy. This has revitalized my 65 year old hands, even my manicurist complemented and asked me what I have been using on my hands lately. I also like that it is fragrance and paraben free." 

  • " I had been suffering from dry and scaly hands and cuticles for as long as I can remember. I tried all kinds of hand creams, even vaseline & bag balm and nothing worked to my satisfaction. Luckily I came across this site and bought this creamy balm. Shipping was fast, I got it in a couple of days.  It sinks in pretty fast and leaves my hands silky smooth.  I love that I don’t have to reapply after every hand wash as it's quite water resistant. Highly recommended. " 

  • " This is truly a luxury hand cream. Back of my hands feels as smooth as glass. And no more cracks on my palms and finger tips. I have been using it for approximately a month now, only once a day. I like that it also works as an anti age product for my hands. "

  • " This balm will moisturize your hands even if they are dry like a desert. I wish I had discovered sunnyqnyc years ago but better late than never.  My hands used to be so dry that people could see the white residue from a distance, but no more. And it’s a bonus that my hands are also soft and smooth, I didn’t know that was even possible! Hands down best hand balm. " 

  • " Simply the best hand balm out there. My hands have that velvety feel and now my boyfriend cant stop rubbing my hands. " 

  •  " I love how it makes my hands feels so soft and silky and yes just like Sunny says, it is very water resistant. Not only did it took care of dry skin but it also gave my hands an overall more dewy, youthful appearance. " 

  • " I think Sunny has combined all the right ingredients in this cream balm. This is the best hand balm, Sunny please never change the formula! " 

  • " This is a miraculous product. It was just last month that I was looking at my hands and shedding tears, my hands used to be so beautiful but father time really did a number on them. My sister suggested Sunnyq’s balm and boy has it worked. Now truth be told it didn’t turn my 45 year old hands to teen hands but they are just so smooth, and soft with no evidence of any dryness what so ever, even my cuticles are moisturized. Definite improvement in the crepey-ness too" 

  • " I am an ingredient junkie, I never buy any product without reading the label. I went through the entire ingredient list before purchasing it and I could not believe how anyone could use all these amazing ingredients and offer it at such a great price. I am really liking this balm/cream. The skin was getting lax on the back of my hands and now after using this balm for 2 months I see a noticeable improvement. " 

  • " Love this stuff, my hands look and feel great, so soft and smooth. And no more dry, cracked, and white cuticles either. " 

  • " I love that it is water resistant, I wash my hands many times a day and still the balm is there, not like that I see or feel it but my hands remain moisturized so I am assuming the balm is still there and working. Now my hands always, always feel very well moisturized and velvety soft, love this balm." 

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