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Banish your dry, cracked, scaly hands and cuticles for good!

a must have for over 40 hands!

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*Money Back Guarantee: Please return the unused portion of the product within 30 days of receiving the order. We will issue a refund upon its receipt, via paypal , equaling the product price minus the shipping & handling charges. Thank you

Please note that this page is for ordering only my no match, anti aging hand cream/balm for normal and/or dry and cracked hands; in order to purchase any of our other products please visit their respective pages. Thank you

​Made in USA! Current price is $25 for one jar. Depending on one's skin type, local climate, and season of the year, this should last approximately 60 to 120 days if used as directed and on hands only; a very small amount is needed per application. I know it's on the expensive side for a hand balm/cream but I use very expensive and high quality ingredients. For example, I use Ceramide 3 at the optimal %; Ceramide 3 is very important in restoring and maintaining skin barrier function. Please check if your current hand cream or balm contains Ceramide 3. Many hand creams or balms do not as it is a very expensive ingredient. Please look for Mink, Emu, Tamanu, and Pracaxi Oils & Milk Lipids, I use em in my balm while most of the other brands do not as it costs $$$. I use 10 different antioxidants including astaxanthin, lycopene, Co Q10, & alpha lipoic acid in my hand balm to fight free radicals. I use collagen peptides to stimulate dermal collagen production. Most creams and lotions are 70% to 90% water, which is for free but my hand balm contains 0% water! The mica I use is top grade, meant to be used in eye and lip products. I can go on and on regarding ingredients but you get the picture, right ;) So if you have tried many hand creams / balms / lotions including any super expensive hand cream and still have not found the one to fall in love with, please try mine, it comes with a no questions asked money back guarantee*.​ Please note that this balm contains high percentage of lanolin, shea butter, and  bees wax and thus its smell is a combination of all these. However, the smell quickly dissipates upon application.

Directions: Use once or twice a day. Apply a tiny amount and massage well. You used too much if your hands feel somewhat greasy after five minutes or so, please use less next time.

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