Important Info, Please Read!

Contrary to what most cosmetic companies would want you to believe, fragrances, parabens, and alcohol is neither good nor harmless for you and your skin. Fragrances including essential oils may cause localized and generalized allergic reactions, parabens may disrupt hormones, and alcohol is not only very drying to the skin but it also denatures proteins, and guess what... our skin cells are rich in proteins! I have provided links to some studies from very reputable sources towards the end/middle of this page, please take some time to review.

Say a big NO to fragrances in skincare ! Use a perfume if you want to smell good, but please leave it out of your skincare products!

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Fragrance Free Hand Cream

Fragrance,Alcohol & Paraben free Skincare

I am sure if I asked you whether you used perfume on your face the answer would be a resounding NO but in reality you are using perfume on your face if you are applying fragrant skincare and makeup products. I strongly believe that fragrance causes inflammation; sometimes the result is a perceptible irritation, e.g. dermatitis while it’s silent at other times, which is also bad as researchers are now finding out that inflammation is the primary cause of aging; it's the so called inflammaging. Fragrances in creams, lotions, balms and other cosmetics may also trigger and/or cause  headaches, dizziness, sneezing, and other allergic reactions.

Some product lines use essential oils as a natural fragrance. Essential oils have great benefits, e.g. you apply lavender essential oil to a recent burn for few days and it would heal wonderfully. So in short term, essential oils are ok to use topically but not for long term as they can also cause inflammation and irritation. There is also a risk of sensitization to essential oils. Essential oils are ok to use but please don’t use them topically for long term.

  • Fragrance Free Hand Cream / Balm: I have formulated my hand, nail, and cuticle balm to be used every day, day after day, forever! So no fragrance, no essential oils, period! This balm contains high percentage of shea butter, bees wax, and lanolin and thus its smell is a mix of all these. The smell quickly dissipates upon application.

However if one wants, s/he could add a few drops of her favorite essential oil but I strongly suggest not to do so. Fragrances, essential oils and their derivatives can run havoc on sensitive skin but normal skin is also negatively effected by them. My skin has improved a lot since I eliminated fragrances and essential oils from all my skincare topicals; believe me please, your skin will thank you for doing the same.

  • Alcohol Free Hand Cream / Balm: Ethanol more commonly know as alcohol is very drying to the skin. My hand balm is completely alcohol free (ethanol free).
  • My face & under Eye Serums also do not contain any fragrance or essential oils and are 100% alcohol free (ethanol free).

Researchers have discovered that fragrances in skin-care products are among the most common cause of allergic reactions, sensitization, and irritation. Here are just a few of such studies:

  1. The role of the skin irritation response in polysensitization to fragrances
  2. Adverse reactions to fragrances. A clinical review
  3. Air oxidation increases skin irritation from fragrance terpenes

Paraben Free Skin Care: Why is this important? Researchers have also focused on parabens, which are used in skincare products as preservatives, and their toxic effects on body. Following are few of those studies:

  1. ​Toxic effects of the easily avoidable phthalates and parabens
  2. Concentrations of parabens in human breast tumours

I stay away from all skin care products containing parabens but ​I think that it is extremely important to use a paraben free hand cream /balm as whatever we apply on our hands easily finds its way inside our body via the oral route. Next on this list would be a paraben free eye cream /serum followed by a paraben free face cream /serum.